TPRSを取り入れた言語学習(レベル2)|Learn a language with TPRS(level 2)

TPRSを取り入れた言語学習(レベル2)|Learn a language with TPRS(level 2)

TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Story-telling) 教授法の個人言語学習への取り入れ方を考えてみたいと思います。今回は、特に準中級~中級レベルの方にお勧めの方法です。


Here, I am going to share my ideas of how to adopt TPRS approach to your self language -learning. Today`s approach is recommended to those who are at pre-intermediate to intermediate level. 


To adopt this approach, you need to work with a language-exchange partner or a teacher. It is difficult to do it alone. 


In this approach, you will learn your target language in the target language as a baby learn their first language. 


If you haven`t read “level 1”, please check it out↓ 

TPRSを取り入れた言語学習(レベル1)|Learn a language with TPRS(level 1)


Here, I am going to introduce my language-learning approach <Level 2> using TPRS. 


First, prepare some picture books (children`s books). 


Ask your language-exchange partner or teacher to read book while asking many questions. 


Have your language partner or teacher to ask you about the characters in the story. 


By being asked Yes/No questions, you can recall the forgotten words and learn new ones. 

質問例 Example questions

「この男の子の名前はトムです。」“This boy`s name is Tom.”

「彼の名前が好きですか。」 “Do you like his name?”

「彼の名前はなんですか。」 “What is his name?”

「彼は、泳いでいますか。」“Is he swimming?”

「彼は、サッカーをしていますか。」“Is he playing soccer?” 

「彼は何をしていますか。」 ” What is he doing?” 

「この女の子は、この男の子のお母さんですか。」 “Is this girl his mother?” 

「彼女は、この男の子の叔母さんですか。」 “Is she his aunt?” 

「彼女は、この男の子のお姉さんですか。」 “Is she his older sister?” 

「彼女は誰ですか。」 ” Who is she? ” 


“What is she going to do next?” Is she going to eat the apple?” 

Yes/ Noで答えられる質問を繰り返しながら進みます。

Progress the story by asking Yes/No questions repeatedly. 


You can learn new words by hearing and saying many times. 


If you could make the story creative, it would be fun. 


This approach is recommended for those who want to learn their target language using the target language. 


Try it if you like♪