TPRSを取り入れた言語学習(レベル1)|Learn a language with TPRS(level 1)

TPRSを取り入れた言語学習(レベル1)|Learn a language with TPRS(level 1)

TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Story-telling) 教授法の個人言語学習への取り入れ方を考えてみたいと思います。今回は、特に初級~準中級レベルの方にお勧めの方法です。


Here, I am going to share my ideas of how to adopt TPRS approach to your self language -learning. Today`s approach is recommended to those who are at beginner to pre-intermediate level.


To adopt this approach, you need to work with a language-exchange partner or a teacher. It is difficult to do it alone. 


In this approach, you will learn your target language in the target language as a baby learn their first language. 


First, you prepare some magazines and/or picture books that have a lot of pictures and illustrations. 








Then, you memorize some useful phrases to ask a question or tell you don`t know in your target language during the session. 

“What`s this?”

“I don`t know.” 

“Could you say that again?”

“I couldn`t hear what you said.”

“Am I right?” 





Next, have a session with your language-exchange partner or teacher. 

Ask your partner to lead the conversation using magazines and picture books. 

The partner ask questions regarding the pictures on a magazine. 

Partner : “Is this the sun?”   You: “Yes, it is.”

Partner : “Is this the sea?”  You: “No, it isn`t.” 

If you don’t know, ask ” I don’t know. What is this?” in your target language.  The partner ask the word that you didn’t know repeatedly in some ways.” 









When you learned more grammar and vocabulary, have your partner/ teacher to ask you what is happening in a picture or an illustration. 

Teacher: “Is the boy swimming?”

You: “No, he isn`t swimming.”

Teacher: Is he cooking?” 

You: “No, he isn`t cooking.”

Teacher: “Then, what is he doing?” 

You: “I don`t know. What is he doing?” 


point 1 : learn high-frequency words in the target language and use a lot till you can use them naturally. 


point 2:  By being exposed to the words and phrases many times during a conversation, you will be able to memorize them. 


point 3: This approach is intended for those who want to improve their speaking and listening skills. 



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