【Language-Learning】The importance of mouth and tongue training

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【Transcript of Podcast Episode #22】


Today, I am going to talk about month and tongue training for language-learning. 

Have you felt that your mouth is tired after speaking your target language?

It’s because the muscles of your mouth you use are different depending on the language, isn`t it? 


My mouth often feels exhausted after practicing shadowing.

When we speak Japanese we don’t really have to move a tongue and lips

compared with other languages such as  English or Mandarin Chinese.


So,  for Japanese speakers, there are a lot of sounds which are difficult to make. 

You have to practice making them and train your muscles to make the sounds more easily.


 So, in order to improve your speaking skill, you should speak or read aloud. 

 It may sound obvious, but please try checking how much you are actually speaking aloud

when studying by yourself.


If you think it’s not enough, speak more to train the muscles of your mouth.

It should help your speaking. 


Alright,  that’s it for today. 




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