【Language-Learning】A time-management technique for Language-Learning

【Language-Learning】A time-management technique for Language-Learning


【Transcript of Podcast Episode #86】

Hi, this is MT. I`m a language learning advisor, English coach and multi-language learner, myself. 

How are you guys doing today? Hope you guys are doing great! 

OK, let`s get started. 

Today I want to talk about the Pomodoro Technique. I guess many of you already know or at least have heard of it, but recently I was reminded by the power of this technique, so I want to share it with you.


So for those who are not familiar with the Pomodoro technique. Pomodoro is an Italian word and it means “tomato”. This is a time management technique. You just need to prepare a timer or timer app and set it for 25 minutes. Actually you can choose your own length of time but I think 25 minutes is just nice in my opinion.


I use this technique for my language-learning. Nowadays we are surrounded by so many distracting things, right? We should turn everything off for 25 minutes and concentrate on the language-study. I am using this technique for my parallel-reading practice. I think it is working quite well.


When your computer and smartphone are on, it is so tempting to look at them, and one word or one thought can be a trigger to do something else.


When I start doing this parallel-reading practice and I see or read one word of … I don`t know… for example “sky”, then I think about something else. And I want to check the word online or I want to see the picture of something. Or  it triggers to look at something else or work on something else. Then I forget what I was doing before that, right? So it is really really distracting, you know.


Anyways, this technique works really well for me to concentrate on what I am doing. You can take a break after one session, and then continue to the second session if you like.

It is very simple, and I underestimated the power of this technique and I haven`t done that for a long time. But I realized it is actually really good. Maybe you can use it until you get the habit of concentrating without being distracted by things around you.

If you haven`t tried this technique, give it a try! I really recommend doing it. It may help you.

OK, so, that`s all for today. Thank you very much for listening and hope to see you next time! Bye!