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【Transcript of Podcast Episode #18】


Today I’m going to talk about one of the speaking practice methods, self-talk.  

First of all, do you sometimes talk to yourself in your target language? 

If not, I really recommend implementing self-talk as a way to practice speaking your target language. 

Of course, I’m implementing it for my language learning as well.  


Today, I’m sharing how I conduct my self-talk speaking practice. 


First, you should pick a topic.

If you are  a beginner, you should pick a topic such as what you did today or your favorite food.

It is easier to talk about yourself so you should choose a topic like that. 


Then, turn on the voice recorder on your phone and talk to yourself on the topic you’ve chosen.

It’s okay to make mistakes, pause for a while or say some words in your native language

if you don’t know how to say in your target language. 

Try to speak for about 3 minutes. 


Next, you listen to the recording and analyze your speaking objectively. 


Then, here comes the most important part. 

When you have time, you transcribe the recording of your self-talk.

You should look up the words and expressions you didn’t know and write correct sentences. 

It takes quite a bit of time, but it definitely improves your writing and speaking skills.

Also, those are the things you wanted to say so they will stay in your mind.

If you have a teacher or language exchange partner,

you can tell the same story to them or you can ask them to correct them. 


By telling the same story over and over,

you will be able to tell it smoothly and you can memorize them. 

If you don’t have many people to talk to in your target language,

you can tell the same story to the same person several times for practice.


All right.  That’s it. Hope it helps!



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