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【Transcript of Podcast Episode #32】


Hi, I`m MT. I`m a language learning advisor, English coach and multi-language learner myself. 

Today I want to introduce how I use a flashcard application for my language learning. 

The application I’m using is called “Anki”.

I`ve been using it more than two years.  

I like it because it has a simple design and you can make your own flashcards that cater to your needs. 

It is very important to memorize a word with its pronunciation. 

So I really like the features that you can record audio. 

In an Anki flashcard, there are two sides- front and back. 

On the front, I record the sound of the word.

You could record your voice, but I prefer to record the sound from an online dictionary, 

and on the back, I usually put the meaning of the word and example sentences. 

You should choose example sentences which you might use in the future. 

These days, I’m trying to memorize sentences instead of individual words,

 so on the front I record a sentence and

on the back I put the meaning of the sentence and new words indicating how to pronounce them.

Since I’ve been using this application over two years,

it became a habit to check this application and test myself every day.  

This application tests some words or sentences

and you can check your understanding and evaluate yourself.

To evaluate yourself,  you can choose assessment from again, hard, good, easy. 

Depending on your assessment it differs when you see the word next. 

If you choose “easy” you may see the word again in two months 

and if you choose “hard”, you may see it next week. 

It is quite easy to do so it doesn’t take a lot of time and it’s in my smartphone,

so I can use it when I’m waiting for somebody or just before going to bed. 

Anytime, anywhere. 

If you haven`t used it, I recommend using it.  

You should try using and see if you like it or not. 

All right. That’s all for today.

Let’s enjoy our language-learning together!


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