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Today I’m talking about inquiry-based learning and how you can utilize it for your language learning.


According to my understanding, it is one of the active learning methods and basically a question or problem is given to students and they try to answer or solve the problem by researching and discussing it with others.


The benefits of inquiry-based learning are;


(1) Students learn proactively. 


(2)  Students feel responsible for their own learning and it motivates them.


(3)  By finding out the answers or solutions by themselves, they won’t forget what they learned easily.


 Let’s see how we can utilize this method for self-directed language learning.

First, you can ask a question to yourself.  


For example, what is the difference in usage  between  “have to” and “must” ? 


Then, to answer the question, you should collect a lot of example sentences from videos, dramas, social media posts  and so on.  


Then, you try to understand that usage of them and make your own sentences.


Then, ask someone to check your understanding and sentences.


 You can enjoy finding out if your understanding was  correct or not and either way,  you will learn it firmly. 


I think it’s more enjoyable than just memorizing what it says in the textbook,  right?


 So,  if you are interested, I think it’s a good idea to try it to see if it works for you.


 Alright, that’s all for today. 




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