【Language-learning】Language Lessons and Self-Study

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Nowadays, you can obtain language-learning materials very easily compared with the past.

In the past, you had to buy a CD to practice your listening skills. 

How discouraging.

However; that is not the case now.

If you decide to learn a new language at this moment,

you can find listening and reading materials online right away.


Those who make language teaching videos have been drastically increasing.

We can start learning a new language using those creative videos as well.


Furthermore, we can instantly connect to language teachers and

language exchange partners who live anywhere in the world.

These modern tools are making our language learning so much easier and better. 


My point is…

As the number of language-learning materials for self-study is increasing,

you should definitely fully utilize them.

If you just attend a 60-minute-language lesson once a week

and do nothing else to improve your target language,

you will not be able to speak the language for sure. 


It is said that if your native language is English and want to acquire a language like Japanese,

which is very different from English, it would take about 2200 hours to acquire it.

It means that if you learned the language once a week, one hour per time,

it would take 2200 weeks !?

so  it would be 42 years!?


As you all know,  this is just an indicator and it does not mean

it takes exactly 42 years to acquire the language if you learn it one hour per week 😛

Anyways, it takes a long time.



What I want to mention here is that

your self-study time is definitely more important than one-hour-lesson with a teacher/tutor. 

You can use the session with a teacher to check your understanding, try new things you learned and so on.

You cannot be passive to learn a language! 

You need to aggressively search for the methods which are enjoyable and effective for you. 


In order to use the lesson time as the output of your self-study,  

you have to make your self-study time as fulfilling as possible. 

It`s also important to have a pacemaker (coach) who takes the journey with you. 


Through the experiences as a language learner and teacher, 

I`ve been searching for better language-learning methods and 

ways to utilize a lesson fully, and have realized the necessity of 

learning  “language learning methods” and “mindsets” to 

consistently continue your journey. 


That is why I started coaching beginner language learners. 

Here is the information of my coaching courses (written in Japanese)↓

プライベート英語コーチング&レッスン 12週間コース

言語学習コーチング 12週間コース


If you are learning Japanese and want to practice your speaking, 

I have a special course for you. 

I am sure it will be beneficial for the learners of Japanese language 

who need speaking practice.  

Beginner learners are more than welcome! 


Here is the detail.  

Daily Japanese speaking practice for 20 days


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 


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