【Language-Learning】Have an accountability partner

【Language-Learning】Have an accountability partner



【Transcript of Podcast Episode #114】

Today I am gonna talk about the importance of having an accountability partner.

Do you have an accountability partner?

An accountability partner is the person you report doing what you`ve decided to do every day or several times a week.

Actually I have an accountability partner.

I have been jogging every day since April.

I am doing this with my friend who lives far away and we share a google document,

and after jogging each of us puts a mark on the calendar we share.

This system has been working really well for us.

You can use this system for your language learning as well.

For example, if you decide to keep a diary in your target language every single day.

You could take a photo of your writing and send it to your accountability partner every day.

You could do it in a group as well. You can motivate on another.

If you do not have anyone around you who is studying languages as serious as you are.

You can find a language exchange partner and suggest reporting what language study you did on the day.

If you like you can report to the world using social media,

it gives you opportunity to connect to serious learning learners like you!

I also recommend reporting it to your language coach.

They will check if you are really doing what you`ve decided to do. It works really well as well.

Until it becomes your habit, you should keep this accountability partner system

and sooner or later, it becomes your habit and you wont need it anymore.

Alright, That is all for today. Thank you very much for listening and hope to see you again. Bye!