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Hello,  today I’m speaking English and Spanish and I’ll talk about my Spanish Learning Journey. My Spanish is still at an intermediate level I think, but I’m quite comfortable sleeping it so today I want to share how I got comfortable speaking Spanish.  

Actually there were several stages so today I’ll talk about the first stage. Okay, let’s get started. 



 Viví en México por un año. Antes de ir a México, estudié español por 3 años en la universidad. Primeros dos años, enfoqué aprender las palabras y gramática. No tenía muchas oportunidad para conversar en español pero cada semana, (teníamos) la tarea de escuchar diálogos en español. Creo que eso (ayudó) mejorar mi habilidad auditiva. 



So I lived in Mexico for 1 year. Before going to Mexico, I learned Spanish for three years.  First two years, I focused on learning words and grammar. I didn’t have much opportunity to make conversation in Spanish, but we had assignments to listen to dialogues in Spanish I think it helped improve my listening skill a lot. 



En el tercer año, mi profesor de español habló principalmente en español y nosotros tratamos (de)  hablar en español con el profesor y entre los estudiantes. Fue muy difícil pero divertido  también. 



In the third year, my professor spoke mainly in Spanish and we tried to speak Spanish to him and to other classmates. It was difficult but enjoyable at the same time.



When I look back, I think it was a really good way to learn a language. First, learn necessary words and grammar and listen a lot  to suitable dialogues. Then, start speaking and making a conversation. I would have been better, if I had had more opportunity to listen to authentic materials such as YouTube videos, dramas, movies, documentary shows and so on. But at that time, it was not possible. 


Next time, I will share how I learned Spanish in Mexico. 


Thank you so much for listening and hope to see you next time.



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