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【Transcript of Podcast Episode #16】


I’m going to talk about how to fully utilize your conversation lesson.  


It should be useful for those who are from beginner to  intermediate level language learners. I am sharing four points with you today. 


Point #1   Speak your target  language as much as possible


It is your precious time to practice speaking with a native or advanced speaker. You should try to use your target language all the time or as much as possible. So, I recommend asking questions, making requests, and checking your understanding in your target language.  You should prepare those questions and requests that you might ask your teacher in advance. 


Point #2  Prepare the topic you want to talk about and look up the words you want to use during the lesson 


You can practice writing what you want to say but I suggest not reading what you wrote during a lesson. You should try to talk spontaneously.   That way, you can talk to others in a real conversation.


Point #3  Review your lesson


It is very important to review your lesson. You should try to recall what you have talked about and what kind of words you used and your teacher used.  If you are having an online session, your teacher most likely leaves corrections in the chat box so you can utilize them.  By recollecting used in the conversation you can memorize them.  So, don’t waste your lesson and please make time for review. 


Point #4  Take a short lesson every day or frequently 


If you take a two-hour lesson once a week, it’s difficult to do preparation in review and if you are beginner or pre-intermediate level, it can be a burden and it could demotivate you.  That’s why I recommend taking short lessons which you can do in 15 to 30 minutes. Actually even though the lesson is just for 15 minutes, it takes time to prepare and review.  You can learn a lot out of it.  


These are the 4 points of getting most out of your conversation lessons. 

Hope you find it useful! 




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