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【Transcript of Podcast Episode #32】


Hello, today I`m going to share how I memorize new words. 

I`ve been learning  English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean

and I tried many different ways to memorize new words.


The foundations of a language are vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.  

So we need to memorize words but  it is not an easy task, isn`t it? 

Currently I use four methods to memorize words. 

If you are struggling to memorize words try and see if some of them work for you.  

Let’s get started.  


Method # 1: 

Keep a diary or write sentences about yourself and learn those words that you often use first. After writing a diary.  Prepare to talk about it to someone else.  By actually talking (about) what you want to say using those new words, they will stick in your mind.  


Method #2:

Memorize lines in your favorite movies or lyrics of your favorite song.  

You should think about the line (and) how you can use it in your daily life. 

You may be able to use it in different situations after replacing some words. 


Methods #3:

Learn new words just before going to bed or in your bed and check how much you still remember in the morning right after you wake up.

I recommend this method if you really need to memorize these words in a short time. 


Method #4:

Use flashcard applications like Anki. 

I talked about this application in Japanese episode # 13.  

You can test yourself using this app when you have time. 

It’s very simple design and you can make your own flashcards.

I will share how I use Anki flashcards application in English some other day because it takes time. 


OK, that’s it for today.  

Thank you so much for listening and I hope to see you next time. 



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